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Obtainium (noun, Proper). A meta-good, generalized to “Materials which can be, or have been obtained.”

Example: “Wow, that abandoned factory contained a significant amount of both raw and free obtainium.”

Obtainium like other elements comes in grades:

Raw obtainium, which represents obtainium contaminated with other (proto-obtainium) elements that are not particularly desirable. For example an early 1970’s Lincoln Mark IV with a factory installed 8-Track tape player. The raw obtainium in this instance would be the 8-Track tape player. The conversion of Raw obtainium into Free obtainium would involve the removal of the Proto-obtainium Lincoln Mark IV.

Free obtainium is the most desirable refined product, though as usual large, valuable ore bodies have logistical issues associated with removal and subsequent storage. Free obtainium may be fixed by various means (Excessive size, weight or volume) thereby requiring extraction from its Proto-obtainium.

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