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Pager Gobots

It turns out that just like a chicken's egg, a pager has everything inside of it needed to become a robot! You might have already seen lots of ideas surrounding the art of making a simple bristlebot, essentially a motor and battery glued onto the bristle end of an old toothbrush. This is a great idea, and we put a little twist on the kit by using recycled parts.

Our kits come with these parts:

  • Pager
  • Coin Cell Battery
  • Strands of Wire
  • 2 ea, toothbrushes
  • Conductive Glue mix
How to make a Pager Go-bot

Step 1- Hatch the Robot Egg!

With a small flathead screwdriver, pry the case of the pager apart. Be careful though, you might want to make it into a beetle shell later.

Step 2- Take stock of your pieces

- You will find lots of pieces like a circuit board, metal clips and antenna, neon plastic, and other goodies that you may want to use on your robot, so don't put anything in the recycle bin yet!

Step 3- Glue the motor

- You'll need to find your pager motor. It is clipped onto one of the black pieces of the case. after you unclip it, identify the two metal pads on the top.

- Grab two pieces of wire and make sure they have bare metal exposed on each end. - Open your pack of conductive glue and mix the entire contents together. - While being super extra careful, and non-fidgety, glue one end of each wire onto the two pads of the motor. - Let it sit for a while until it is tacky and holds together by itself. Once dry, glue the other ends of the wire to the spring and clip used for the battery in the pager. - Once both connections are dry, test the motor with the battery to make sure it is working properly.

Step 4- Make your robot's body

- Using the various pieces that you have from the disassembled pager, use your favorite glue to create your new little bug's body. Make sure to leave some room in the center that will be big enough to place the motor and battery. - Clip off the brush ends of the toothbrush, and glue them to the bottom of the bot, they are the feet to your robot!

Step 5- Attach the motor and battery

- Put a small dab of glue on the spot where you intend to mount the motor to the robot and press the motor onto it. - In the spot you intend to put the battery, glue one of the metal clips onto that spot, and make sure you can keep the battery secure in that spot using tape, plastic bits, or other ingenious means. - Make a simple switch by pressing the loose end of the remaining battery clip into a position where it can make constant contact with the battery and power the robot.

Step 6- Have Fun!


Make your robot an artist- Lay out a big sheet of paper and dip your robot's bristles into some paint, set the robot on the paper and turn it on to see what it wants to paint!

“Generative Art”- Take a 5mm LED and straddle the leads around the battery so the the long lead touches the “+” side of the battery, and the short lead on the “-” side. The LED should come on. Now turn off the lights and you can see where your 'bot is going! What do you think would happen if you took a timelapse photo of it moving in the dark?

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